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    Dr. Williams


    I grew up in Eastern Washington (Yakima Valley), with my family now primarily located in the Medical Lake area, not far from Cheney.

    After obtaining a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, I worked for 5 years as a design engineer at Tektronix in Beaverton Oregon before pursuing my passion to become a small animal veterinarian.

    After graduating from Oregon and Washington State Universities with DVM degrees, I eventually practiced Emergency and Critical Care Veterinary Medicine (with a special interest in Soft Tissue Surgery) in Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado, and Texas.

    Transitioning to General Practitioner, still with a special interest in surgery, I am very happy to be working in the town of Cheney. Having spent much time in Cheney, over the years, I have found it to be a great town with great people!

    My dogs have always been part of the family, and very much enjoy hiking and chasing birds.

    My other hobbies include telemarking skiing, wakeboarding/waterskiing, fly fishing, and piloting small planes like a Cessna 172 (I used to fly from Oregon to California to work when I owned my own plane).

    Blackhawk is a great clinic serving the people of Cheney for decades.

    Dr. Lehman

    Dr. Lehman is a Veterinarian here at Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital. She attended Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine and has been in the field since 2007. Dr. Lehman’s favorite aspect of veterinary medicine is wellness and preventative care, however, I also appreciate being a resource for pet families who are dealing with a difficult diagnosis or end of life care. In her free time, I enjoy music, spending time with family, taking long walks or car rides with my husband and dog, and attending WSU Cougar football games.

    dr. wert
    Dr. Wert
    Medical Director, Veterinarian
    As a youngster, Dr. Wert loved spending time with family pets. He also loved studying science, and quickly realized that veterinary medicine was the perfect way to put those passions together! His appreciation for animals and love of puzzle-solving makes this career a natural choice for him.
    Eric grew up in Alabama. He attended college at Washington State University for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in veterinary medicine. He started at Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital as an Associate Veterinarian in 1999, then purchased the practice in 2001.
    Medically, Dr. Wert likes surgery because it can solve a problem quickly. He’s also interested in mystery-solving using non-invasive diagnostic techniques—ultrasound and endoscopy are fun challenges for him!
    When Eric has time outside of work, he enjoys playing guitar and reading world history.
    Marrisa Harter

    Assistant / Receptionist

    Marrisa joined the team in 2019 and attended Central Valley High School. She prides herself on her ability to communicate with clients and making sure all patients are given the same level of care.

    She loves to bake, and hang out with her cats and friends (including their dog)!

    Hannah Schlanger

    Practice Manager

    Hannah has been a part of the team for 10 years and attended Colorado State University. She prides herself in her ability to develop relationships with both clients and patients alike.

    In her free time, she enjoys horseback riding, kayaking, and spending time with her family.

    Grace Donnelly
    Client Service Representative

    Grace is one of our client service representatives here at BlackHawk Veterinary Hospital. She graduated from the University of Idaho and has been in the practice for about a year. Grace prides herself in loving animals and having the ability to be able to help animals in any way possible. She believes working in veterinary medicine is extremely rewarding and fulfilling. In her free time, she loves to listen to music and watch hockey.

    Devan Hubbard
    Veterinary Assistant

    Devan is one of our veterinary assistants here at Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital. She has been in the practice for about 10 years and has been working here for 5 years. Devan prides herself in treating every animal like they are her own and helping owners understand treatments and diagnoses. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and daughter. They enjoy playing outside with their three dogs, two goats, and a cat. They go camping and boating alot.

    Tember Forbush

    Veterinary Assistant

    Tember joined the team in June 2018 and is currently attending Eastern Washington University. She prides herself in having patience with pets and having the ability to get to know each one as well as possible. She also enjoys learning about veterinary illnesses and treatments.

    In her free time, she loves being outdoors, longboarding, snowboarding, and exploring new places with her family and pets.