At Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital, we handle pet surgeries on a daily basis. In fact, it’s something we consider ourselves to be experts in. We also understand, however, that these procedures aren’t something you or your pet have to deal with very often. Because of this, you probably have many questions and concerns. We’re here to put your mind at ease and make sure that not only is your pet’s surgery a success, but that the entire experience is positive and stress-free.

Our experienced doctors perform a wide range of pet surgeries, both routine and complex, with the utmost attention given to patient safety and comfort. Rest assured that when it comes to surgery, your loved one will be in excellent hands with our dedicated team!

The morning of your pet’s surgery, we will be there to welcome you both, answer your questions and get your loved one settled in. It’s important to us that we make your pet feel as relaxed and at ease as possible, so we’ll take as much time as necessary to help them get acclimated to us as well as their surroundings.

The doctor will work with diligence and great precision to complete your pet’s procedure as efficiently as possible. We don’t rush, but we do try to minimize the amount of time that your pet will remain anesthetized. During surgery, our care team will be on hand to assist the doctor and to closely monitor your pet’s wellbeing at all times. Your loved one will have our undivided attention while in our care.

Before your pet returns home, we’ll spend some time with you going over our post-surgical care instructions. We want to ensure that your loved one enjoys as painless and speedy a recovery as possible.