Nutrition & Weight Management

“Exercise is King, nutrition is Queen, put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.” ~ Jack LaLanne

Diet and exercise aren’t just important to humans. These things also play an essential role in keeping our four legged family members happy, healthy and fit. In fact, the right diet and regular physical activity can support good health, improve performance and even help to manage a number of medical conditions in a way that improves quality of life for your furry friend.

The problem is, with so many choices available to you, determining exactly which food is right for your pet can be downright confusing, as can determining his or her ideal weight. The good news is, you don’t have to figure these things out on your own. The experts at Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital are here to help! We’ll use our experience in companion animal nutrition to develop a customized diet and exercise plan that will bring out the very best in your four legged family member!


The reason pet nutrition is so complicated is because every animal is different. What is right for one pet may not be nutritionally sound for another. The first step in our process is to identify your pet’s unique needs. We do this by conducting a thorough physical exam and taking into consideration a number of determining factors, including breed, age, weight and current health status. This will allow us to make a professional recommendation on what type of food, as well as how much and how often, you should be feeding your pet for optimum health.

Weight Control

Once we’ve determined your pet’s unique nutritional needs, we’ll move on to the topic of weight management. This is important because pets that carry just a few extra pounds are at a much greater risk of developing serious, sometimes even life threatening medical conditions. Similarly, underweight animals are more prone to illness or injury. We’ll advise you on what your pet’s ideal weight range should be and work with you to develop a plan for achieving and maintaining that healthier weight over time.

Ongoing Maintenance

At certain intervals throughout your pet’s life it’s important that we take another look at our plan for diet and exercise to make sure it’s still achieving the results for which it was designed. As companion animals age, their bodies change and so do their health care needs. We will re-evaluate and adjust our approach as necessary to ensure that your pet continues to maintain the right nutritional balance and a healthy weight, year after year.

The goal of every caring pet parent is to see their pet enjoy as many happy, healthy years as possible. Get your loved one on the right path by having a professional nutrition and weight management plan designed just for them. You’ll both be glad you did!