When people are sick or hurt, they simply make an appointment to visit their doctor, explain their symptoms and receive the appropriate treatment.

When an animal isn’t feeling well or has become injured in some way, however, it’s not always that easy to recognize the signs of a problem. Furthermore, unless that illness or injury presents clear cut external symptoms, figuring out what the problem is can be a challenge.

That’s when we turn to veterinary diagnostics. These tools allow our experienced doctors to learn exactly what’s happening inside your pet’s body so we can quickly and accurately pinpoint the problem and develop the most effective treatment plan.

Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital utilizes a broad spectrum of diagnostics to manage the ongoing health of our patients. Our hospital is outfitted with modern diagnostic technology, including radiology (digital x-ray) and ultrasound imaging capability. These tools allow us to evaluate the internal function of your pet’s body, including the organs and skeletal system, to look for any abnormalities that may need to be addressed.

If your loved one has been acting a bit under the weather lately and you’re not sure if an illness or injury is to blame, we can help. We’ll get to the bottom of whatever may be ailing your four legged friend so we can get them back on the path to good health again as soon as possible.