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Sarah Bain KnudsenSarah Bain Knudsen

Dr. Nick and the folks at Blackhawk are the best! I drive from Castro Valley to see them!

Diane FribergDiane Friberg

I have used this clinic for over 20 years. Love the girls in the office especially my wee friend Brook.
Dr Wirt has had to help me let 4 of my dogs pass over and he is the kindest , compassionate person and I will not forget that.
To those who say he is rude, no he is not rude just to the point, he doesn't have a fantastic bedside manner but are you there for a social hour or are you requiring medical attention for your animal. He has always been polite, to the point and listens to my concerns. He is a fantastic vet and that is all I am concerned with. So if you are looking for first class treatment for your pet then I highly recommend Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital.

Lauri Midge ClineLauri Midge Cline

Whether I have an ER or a quick question, they have been the best ever. will never take my pets to another.

Dana R.Dana R.

We were new in town and dog had a ear infection. We went over his history and why he wasn't neutered (heart issues). The Doc was confident he could...

Ellen Bowman PrescottEllen Bowman Prescott

I have been bringing my assorted pets to Blackhawk for over 30 years now. I love all of the staff and know that my pets are in the best hands possible.

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