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  • Guinness World Cat Records

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    Have you read the Guinness Book of World Records lately? This classic tome is full of fascinating facts and tidbits about the champions of…pretty much everything, and the latest edition was recently published. Our feline friends haven’t been left out! While some categories—such as champion napper and cutest cat—may be too close to call, kitties have claimed some very distinctive records. A local vet lists a few of them below. Largest Cat A Maine Coon … Read More »

  • Tips for Teaching Your Cat Not to Bite

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    Watching a cat play can be very cute and fun. Our feline friends are definitely quite frisky! Fluffy’s idea of play doesn’t always sync up with ours, however. Cats are predators, and play fighting stimulates their natural hunting instincts. This often translates into kitties that equate biting with fun! If your kitty has a habit of chomping on you when she’s feeling frisky, you’ll want to take steps to correct her behavior. After all, those … Read More »

  • How to Soothe a Nervous Dog

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    Is your canine friend prone to nervousness and anxiety? Just like people, dogs all have their own personalities. Some are very calm, while others are more anxious. If you’re trying to help a nervous pup overcome his fears, you’ll need to figure out what he is frightened of, so you can determine the best course of action. That said, there are some things that can be helpful to many timid dogs. Here are a few … Read More »

  • Guide to Puppy Obedience Training

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    Your brand-new puppy Dozer just hit your house like a tiny canine whirlwind. Earlier this week, you adopted this seven-week-old retriever mix through an animal rescue group. When he arrived home, this frenzied little pooch sniffed out every corner before thrashing his toys into submission. Next, he began nipping at your ankles. Although you can dismiss his chewing behavior now, it won’t be so amusing when he’s a full-grown dog with more impressive choppers. Clearly, … Read More »

  • Why Your Cat Keeps Play Fighting

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    Your two male cats look like prize fighters lately. Four-year-old Buster has been battling it out with five-year-old Rocky — and you haven’t seen a clear winner. They regularly thrash on the floor, rolling and spinning until one gets up and walks away. You know many cats engage in this play fighting behavior. You haven’t noticed any real aggression, so you haven’t broken up the warriors. When your scrappy feline housemates get annual physical checkups, … Read More »

  • Your Dog Can Experience Age-Related Behavioral Changes

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    Your golden retriever Rusty has always been a model pooch. Your ten-year-old dog’s easygoing nature simply captivates everyone he meets. During his regular walks and dog park visits, he shows a furiously wagging tail and a happy grin. After an exhausting day of playtime, he sacks out on his bed for some well-deserved sleep. Recently, however, your senior companion has displayed several out-of-character actions. You’d like your veterinarian to determine if an emerging medical problem … Read More »

  • 5 Reasons to Get Your Cat a Cat Tower

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    Did you know that cat towers are actually very good for our feline friends? While providing quality food, fresh water, a clean litterbox, lots of love, and a few toys will see to Fluffy’s basic needs, a cat tower will provide several great benefits. In this article, your local vet lists five reasons to get Kitty a tower. Entertainment Setting a cat tower in front of a window with a view is almost guaranteed to … Read More »

  • My Cat is an Impossibly Picky Eater

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    Your cat Jewel wrote the book on picky eating behavior. Jewel has watched all those “picky eating” cat food commercials. In fact, you suspect that she served as the inspiration for several of them. Each morning, you put Jewel’s high-quality food in her hand-engraved custom ceramic bowl. Each morning, Jewel nibbles a few kibbles and turns away with clear disgust. You can’t recall when Jewel actually finished off her entire bowl of food. You’re concerned … Read More »

  • Socializing Your Puppy

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    Socializing your Cheney dog will help your pooch stay relaxed in the company of strangers. It’s best to socialize your dog while he is young, as once dogs reach a certain age, they find it harder to adjust to situations they haven’t experienced previously. Socializing puppies is fairly easy, as it basically involves letting your puppy get attention, treats, and cuddles from many different people. This is usually as much fun for your friends and … Read More »

  • Anxiety in Cats

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    Does your Cheney cat sometimes hiss, hide, or act nervous? If so, your furball may be suffering from anxiety. Stress can affect cats just as strongly as it does humans, and can result in many habits typically lumped in as behavioral issues. Your cat may stop using the litter box, hide, or even act aggressive. There are many things that can cause your furry friend to get anxious. Kitties can be nervous about moving, going … Read More »

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