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Ways to Help Dogs Cope With Fireworks

July 1, 2021

With the Fourth of July only a few days away, many Americans are looking forward to the USA’s birthday bash. While the fireworks are exciting, remembering that this can be an extremely dangerous holiday for our furry friends is important. Many pooches are very afraid of fireworks! A local veterinarian lists seven ways to help your dog cope.

 Crate Time

Crates are beneficial, but only when used properly. The key is to ensure that your pup thinks his crate is a cushy den and not a prison. If Fido likes his crate, he may feel safer inside it. To make sure he is comfy, put some cozy bedding in the crate. You can also offer him a delicious treat or puzzle toy to help keep him busy.

Calming Shirt

If your furry pal is extremely afraid of loud noises, a snug shirt may benefit him. Snug shirts are sort of the equivalent of weighted blankets for dogs. Fido may not like it, so keep an eye on how he reacts.

Background Noise

Background noise, such as a radio or television, is good to have on when your pup is inside. This can help mask the boom of the fireworks. Plus, it can help relax Fido. 

Early Workout

Your canine companion is always a little bit more relaxed after he’s burned off the excess zoomies. Take Fido for a long walk before it gets dark. Strenuous playtime may also help tire him out.

Pet-Calming Products

Pet-calming products, or pheromones, are other things you may want to consider using. They come in a wide variety of products, including treats, collars, and sprays. Ask your local vet for more information.


Our furry buddies all have unique personas, and some are just born jumpier than others. If your pooch is generally hyper, you could try desensitization to loud sounds. Loud noises, such as thunderstorms, can be played on a CD or stream. Keep the volume low at first, increasing it gradually. (This process might take several days, weeks, or perhaps months.) 


Don’t go berzerk here; pouring attention on Fido when he’s afraid might inadvertently praise him for nervous behavior. Pet and talk to Fido a little bit if he is frightened.

Happy 4th of July! If you have questions about firework safety for dogs or any other information you may need, contact your local veterinarian.

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