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Here's How to Lengthen Your Pet's Life

December 1, 2020

Think of all that your pet gives you—unconditional love, unwavering loyalty, and plenty of laughs to boot. It’s up to you to return the favor and help your pet live as long, healthy, and happy a life as possible. Here, your local vet offers some key tips on doing just that: 

Practice Preventative Care

Preventative medicine allows you to prevent health problems ahead of time, rather than deal with them after the fact. The result is that your pet stays healthier for longer! Have your pet stay up-to-date with essential vaccinations, and keep up with pest preventatives to ward off fleas, ticks, and parasitic worms. Talk to your veterinary professional if your pet is in need. 

Feed a Great Diet

There are few better ways to lengthen your pet’s life than by feeding them a great diet at every stage. When your pet receives the proper nutrition through their meals, every body system stays healthy. Consult your vet for a recommendation on a premium food choice that suits your animal friend’s age, weight, and breed. 

Exercise Regularly

When you couple regular exercise with a great diet, it’s a recipe for solid health. That’s as true for your pet as it is for you. Get your pet moving on a daily basis with walks around the neighborhood, play sessions in the backyard, or romps with a favorite toy on the family room floor. Helping your pet to burn excess calories and keep the joints and muscles limber is a great way to maintain their good health for a lifetime. 

Keep Up With Dental Health

Did you know that dental health problems are some of the most common medical concerns that veterinarians treat in pets? It’s very easy to overlook our companions’ oral health, but it’s not a good idea. Brush your pet’s teeth regularly using a pet-formulated toothpaste and an animal toothbrush, and try offering dental chews or simple chew toys to allow your pet to work off some of that excess plaque on their own.

See Your Vet

Last but not least, have your pet examined at the vet’s office regularly. We recommend that we see your animal companion at least twice a year. This way, your veterinarian can catch any health concerns early on and treat them accordingly. That’s a great method for long-term health! 

Set up your animal friend’s next appointment with your pet clinic. 

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