Physical Therapies That Can Give Your Dog a Smoother Recovery

Physical Therapies That Can Give Your Dog a Smoother Recovery

Your retriever mix Lola has always maintained a fit canine figure. To keep herself in shape, this energetic girl romps at the dog park and regularly enjoys brisk trots around the neighborhood. However, your exercise hound is currently on restricted activity, mending from a leg injury. You’ve read that targeted physical therapies can give a real boost to canine patients’ recoveries. Massage therapy and water therapy are especially well known. Your Cheney vet will discuss physical therapy techniques that can gradually help Lola to feel better.

Diverse Physical Therapies

Your vet will supervise your lucky dog’s physical therapy program. While massage therapy and water therapy are widely available, less-familiar techniques can also provide results. Ask about acupuncture, electrical therapy, ultrasound, heat and cold therapy, and targeted stretching.

Two canine patients might see different results from the same technique. Generally, though, Lola might enjoy increased strength and mobility; and she might notice decreased pain. She might even shed some weight, a welcome development since she has gained several pounds due to reduced exercise. Your canine workout fan is happy that her physical therapy regimen can gradually help her to resume many normal activities.

Therapeutic Massage

You know that a professional therapeutic massage can provide wonderful stress relief benefits, and it might even promote healing of injured tissues. You think Lola enjoys similar perks. However, she’s happily stretched out on the massage table, making her unavailable for comment.

Since your seven-year-old companion is a middle-aged dog, she has become susceptible to age-related joint conditions. Therapeutic massages can also be useful here. Selected general veterinary practices, plus canine therapy centers and specialty vet practices, offer therapeutic massage. Some facilities also provide deep tissue massage services to canine patients.

Water-Based Therapies

Since Lola loves anything related to water, she gravitates to her warm-water therapy sessions. While she splashes in the tank, the water’s buoyancy cushions her body so she can improve her range of motion. The water’s gentle resistance enables your dog to improve her blood circulation and condition her underworked muscles. She really loves the underwater treadmill, as she can gleefully pad along without stressing her muscles, bones, and joints. While she works on her strength and stamina, your dog’s therapist frequently praises her.

To learn about physical therapies that can enhance your favorite pooch’s recovery, call your Cheney vet for expert advice.

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