Your Senior Cat Appreciates Extra-Special Care

Your Senior Cat Appreciates Extra-Special Care

Your ten-year-old cat Daisy still enjoys running your household. This feisty orange tabby keeps you on track with her feeding schedule, and she maintains order over your two younger cats and dog. She also thrives on her daily playtime sessions. You’d like your feline housemate to remain healthy and active, so your Cheney veterinarian will continue to provide her with thorough medical exams. He’ll also tweak her senior cat health program.

Tailored Senior Cat Diet

Surprisingly, senior cats’ metabolisms and weights can vary considerably. Although Daisy has gained some weight since she’s gotten older, your friend’s elderly cat has gotten thinner. Since the vet wants your portly girl to regain her feline figure, he’ll evaluate her nutritional needs and activity level. He’ll prescribe a tasty, nutritionally complete diet that gives your senior cat a foundation for good health.

Monitor your cat’s weight daily with a scale that displays even minute variations. If she suddenly loses weight, a developing medical condition might be to blame. Take her to the vet without delay.

Enjoyable Brushing Sessions

While Daisy’s not especially vain, she realizes that a well-groomed coat contributes to her good health. That’s why she insists on daily brushing sessions. Each day, you collect loose hair that might lead to troublesome hairballs. Brushing also improves your feline housemate’s circulation and stimulates her skin. Together, these benefits give her a healthier coat. If she has stopped using her scratching post, clip her claws as well.

Hidden Mini-Physical Exam

While your satisfied feline doesn’t know it, you give her a mini-physical exam during each pleasant brushing session. Run your hands over her skin and coat, searching for anything abnormal. If you notice something, bring it to your vet’s attention immediately.

Minimum-Stress Lifestyle

Daisy wants her golden years to be relaxed and stress-free. If you can’t avoid disrupting her routine, compensate by giving her more attention. Prior to a vacation or business trip, recruit a familiar relative, neighbor, or friend to pamper your lucky cat in their home. Finally, don’t complicate your cat’s life by bringing home more pets while she’s running your household.

Luckily for Daisy, your Cheney veterinarian will provide her with twice-yearly exams. He’ll fine-tune her health program and treat developing medical conditions. If you’d like your senior cat to benefit from a well-rounded feline health plan, call us for expert assistance.

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