Stop Your Dog’s Motion Sickness Malady

Stop Your Dog’s Motion Sickness Malady

Your golden retriever Jackson was born to ride in the car. When Jackson hops into the back seat, he bounds around with excitement, just waiting for the car to start moving so he can see the changing sights. Lately, though, one-year-old Jackson has been acting rather strangely during his car trips. Jackson has been whimpering and whining, and once he even threw up on your jacket. Even though you assured him he didn’t do anything wrong, Jackson was obviously distressed. You know dogs can suffer motion sickness from car, boat, and plane trips. Since you suspect that poor Jackson is the latest victim, you’d like your veterinarian from Cheney to resolve your forlorn pooch’s problem. Learn more about dogs’ motion sickness below.

The Downhill Slide

If Jackson has been bitten by the motion sickness bug, his symptoms will become more dramatic as the ride continues. First, Jackson will obsessively lick his lips; and then he’ll drool all over the seat. As Jackson’s distress worsens, he’ll yawn and moan; and then he’ll sit like a statue, not moving at all. If you’re still half asleep, you’ll wake up when Jackson vomits on your cream fabric seats. If Jackson’s turmoil goes off the charts, he might even defecate on the floor.

Tummy Turmoil Causes

Jackson’s internal upset might be related to his young age, just past the puppyhood stage. Jackson’s sense of equilibrium is still under development, making him prone to motion sickness. As Jackson matures, he might outgrow his motion sickness problems.

Perhaps Jackson is reliving a horrible travel experience. He still recalls that awful long weekend, when he was forced to spend three days with your grouchy old cat Max. Max hissed and growled at poor Jackson, taunting him from the cat carrier. Since then, Jackson is convinced that Max is hiding in the car, waiting to torment him again.

Direct Diagnosis

Once your vet rules out a neurologic or behavioral cause for Jackson’s problem, and hears about your dog’s unfortunate travel escapades, he’ll probably agree that Jackson’s miseries are caused by motion sickness.

Several-part Solution

Your vet will likely attack Jackson’s motion sickness from several fronts. Open the car windows while the vehicle’s moving, as that should decrease the interior air pressure and reduce Jackson’s queasiness. Stop for frequent potty breaks, and bring along Jackson’s favorite toys. Don’t let Jackson eat anything for several hours before riding in the car. While Jackson will express his displeasure, his sparse stomach contents should reduce his chances of vomiting while you’re underway.

If Jackson’s still under the weather, ask your Cheney vet if a stomach-soothing medication is appropriate. After all, you’d really like Jackson to look forward to his car trips again.

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