My Cat is an Impossibly Picky Eater

My Cat is an Impossibly Picky Eater

Your cat Jewel wrote the book on picky eating behavior. Jewel has watched all those “picky eating” cat food commercials. In fact, you suspect that she served as the inspiration for several of them. Each morning, you put Jewel’s high-quality food in her hand-engraved custom ceramic bowl. Each morning, Jewel nibbles a few kibbles and turns away with clear disgust. You can’t recall when Jewel actually finished off her entire bowl of food. You’re concerned that Jewel isn’t receiving the proper nutrition, so you’ve asked your veterinarian from Cheney to give Jewel some nutritional counseling. Read more about why Jewel might be giving her food the “thumbs down.”

Unfavorable Dining Environment

Imagine you’re trying to enjoy a nice meal, and your restaurant suddenly turns into your mall’s insanely busy food court. That’s essentially what has happened to Jewel, as you’ve placed her bowls in your busy kitchen, where your family congregates to enjoy meals and chat. To minimize Jewel’s disruptions, maybe your family can revise its mealtimes to give your cat some peace.

Unappealing Menu Choices

Jewel doesn’t seem to like her food, and maybe there’s a good reason behind that. If Jewel has eaten the same dry blend for awhile, she might have gotten tired of seeing it. If your home’s air is a bit humid, Jewel’s food might have gotten moisture-logged and stale.

Or, perhaps Jewel eats wet food, and you typically store the cans in the fridge. When you scoop Jewel’s just-opened food into her bowl, she sees a cold, wet blob without that appealing cat food smell. Heat the food so it appeals to Jewel, but make sure you don’t burn her sensitive mouth. Also, since Jewel occasionally escapes to the great outdoors, she might have snagged a mouse, so she isn’t hungry.

More Negative Influences

Jewel needs a clean bowl every morning; otherwise, she might consume fresh food from a bowl that contains growing bacteria. Also understand that Jewel might have a dental problem that makes eating very painful. Once your vet diagnoses and treats Jewel’s dental condition, she should chow down on her food again.

Launch a Counterattack

Now it’s time for some creative tactics of your own. Purchase the best cat food you can find, but listen to Jewel’s preference for dry or wet chow. Don’t bribe your finicky eater with human food, as it won’t agree with her system. Also, feeding Jewel human food might make her more unwilling to eat her own kibbles. Eventually, Jewel should relent and eat her gold-plated cat food.

If Jewel hasn’t eaten for an entire day, ask your Cheney vet to evaluate your cat for a hidden medical problem or food allergy.

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