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Anxiety in Cats

November 1, 2014
Does your cat sometimes hiss, hide, or act nervous? If so, your furball may be suffering from anxiety. Stress can affect cats just as strongly as it does humans, and can result in many habits typically lumped in as behavioral issues. Your cat may stop using the litter box, hide, or even act aggressive.
There are many things that can cause your furry friend to get anxious. Kitties can be nervous about moving, going to the vet, loud noises, having new people around, or getting a new animal roommate. A cat that is stressed out may crouch, keeping her legs and tail tucked in close to her belly. She may withdraw and hide, become antisocial, and, in extreme cases, may even attack. If your cat is anxious because of something that is non-negotiable, such as moving or a new arrival in the family, simply taking a bit of extra time with her may help soothe her.

Here are some ways to help your furball deal with anxiety:
Make Your Home Cat Friendly

Giving your kitty ample toys and plenty of soft beds and hiding spots is one way to be sure your home is a safe haven for your feline buddy. Cats like to have plenty of safe hiding places, so make sure Fluffy has plenty of options. You can make cathouses out of cardboard boxes and plastic storage boxes just by cutting holes in the sides and adding thick blankets or pillows to make it comfy.
Cuddle Time

You can’t always decide when it’s time to cuddle, and we understand you can’t necessarily drop what you’re doing whenever Fluffy goes into snuggle mode, but try to incorporate some quality time with your cat into your own downtime. Just talking to your furball, or petting her as you walk by, may help ease her fears by making her feel loved and secure.
Toys and Treats

Get your cat lots of toys, and take time to play with her. This will help work off any extra energy your cat has, which may help calm her. It’s also ok to spoil your cat a little with treats, as long as she doesn’t end up obese.
Calming Sprays
Our online pharmacy s ell products that have a calming effect on cats. These products mimic the scent of a cat’s happy pheromones, and can come in the form of sprays and diffusers. While these shouldn’t be used as a long-term solution, they can be useful in getting Fluffy over a ‘hump’ such as a trip to the vet or moving day.

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